International Specialized Exhibition “INTERCCSMETICS” display the products of Russian and foreign producers who have entered the Russian market, made a name and plan further prospering and development.

Participation in the Show is not only a good way to display goods, estimate target audience and introduce a new brand but it’s also a great opportunity to start long-term partnership, meet would-be distributors and evaluate competition. It’s a way of live communication with prospective clients in contrast to unilateral and more expensive marketing instrument of affecting and informing through advertisement in mass media.

The international specialized salon “INTERCOSMETICS” is a unique project devoted to cosmetics for home use and personal care goods. The salon will bring together Russian and foreign FMCG producers who intend to introduce a new brand into local and federal markets, hold up the status of a steady company involved in marketing activities, find new prospects for development, start cooperation or maintain established partnerships with the leading wholesale dealers and representatives of retail chains.


“INTERKOSMETICS”  display mass-market and premium-class cosmetics for home use, personal care products, accompanying goods, raw materials and packaging goods.

As a rule mass-market cosmetics plays a leading part in the range of goods supplied by wholesale companies including those oriented on cleaning goods and accompanying products. Many producers, in their turn, have also mass-market cosmetics, personal care goods, toiletries and household goods in the product line. Thus co-organization of the  “Intercosmetics” and “Interbytchim” will double the chances of participants to find would-be distributors who often work both in cosmetics industry and in the sphere of cleaning and accompanying goods.

Natural cosmetic

Cosmetics and perfumes

Skin care face and body, hair care products, items and hygiene products, men's cosmetics, children's cosmetics and perfumes, cosmetics, perfumes, bath products: bath salts; bath foam; ath balls; Sugar Bath, Spa means, perfumery house

Professional cosmetics for home use

Skin care products for home use

Raw materials

For the production of perfumes and cosmetics, packaging for perfumes and cosmetics, equipment for the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics, the label.

Related products

Products for the bath and sauna, gift sets and gift packaging, decorative and aromatic candles, manicure kits, travel kits, brushes, combs, cosmetic bags, hair accessories, shaving kit, etc...