Natural in everything — trend of the last several years. But it is not simply a fashionable trend.

For many of us it is conscious need: we want to eat healthy food, to breathe clean air, to raise healthy and happy children. We don't want to consume simply more, we want to consume consciously.

For this reason, we united INTERBYTHIM,INTERCOSMETICS and INTERNATURWOLD exhibitions under one roof, having given the chance to purchasers, having come to one place choose not only a traditional products  of household chemicals and cosmetics but alternative natural products also.

Here representatives of a retail can choose natural or usual cosmetics, packing, means on house cleaning, souvenirs and other goods, and producers to find new types of natural raw materials.

Besides, the  ordinary consumer, can ask a question to representatives of two various directions in production of cosmetics and household chemicals, receive more ideas of products and make the choice for this or that, or learn was able to combine one with another.
The international specialized INTERNATURWOLD exhibition unites on one platform of producers and sellers of natural goods, raw materials and packings, and also services in the field of promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the actions directed on preservation of environment.

The actual and modern scope of an exhibition and large-scale advertizing campaign allow to say that at an exhibition will be undoubtedly wide target the audience, interested in acquisition of the environmentally friendly and natural production, interested in tendencies in the market эко goods and aspiring to life in style эко.

  • Novelties of organic and natural production in the industry of beauty, cosmetics and fashion
  • naturalcosmetics  for  homecare
  • professional organic  production
  • man's  natural  cosmetics
  • natural  hygienic  production
  • goods  for  health
  • children's  biocosmetics
  • raw materials and packing
  • In total for purity maintenance in ECO the HOUSE
  • household items from environmentally friendly materials
  • natural household washing and histyashchy means
  • Natural and organic goods for the house
  • souvenir products
  • raw materials and packing for production эко goods for house cleaning

In days of work of an exhibition the ECOMARKET will be open:

  • Environmentally friendly products and drinks
  • Ecoclothes, ecofootwear, ecofabrics
  • Furniture and home decoration from natural materials; ecohouses
  • Goods for pets
  • Ekoposelki, ecohotels, ecotourism
  • Natural baby food
  • Clothes for children from organic fabrics and ecofootwear
  • Eco-friendly toys and furniture
  • Ecoproduction for future mothers